Your earnings from JimPartners were transferred!

Dear Affiliates! Your income for the period from February 16 to February 28 are already transferred to cards and e-wallets, specified in your accounts. Meanwhile, a lottery “Luxury Holidays” with a 1 500 USD (1 300 EUR, 101 000 RUB, 5 900 PLN) prize fund has started on the RedBox brand. It will help you to increase profit due to expansion of the audience.

The “Luxury Holidays” raffle in RedBox Casino

The new lottery in RedBox will help you to increase the traffic, since participation in it will give players an opportunity to win Sony Action Camera, Qumann Fitness Bracelet, Golan Heights wine, Travel Blue Inflatable Travel Pillow, and many no-deposit bonuses. Those players, who deposited 90 USD (80 EUR, 5 000 RUB, 290 PLN), will engage into battle for these rewards, while the most active participants will become the contenders for additional prizes of the final raffle on March 18. Tell your audience about the profitable conditions of participation in this activity to increase the conversion.

You can get more information about the new lottery and all the necessary promotional materials from affiliate-managers.

Best regards,
JimPartners team