New tournament on RedBox with a 1 500 $ prize fund! Don’t miss it!

Dear webmasters! Currently, there is another tempting “Star night” tournament is held in the RedBox casino. It will transfer your players into the world of fairies and unbelievable presents!

“Star night” tournament on RedBox

“Star night” became one of the key paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and excites the minds of mystery and art lovers for more than a century already. This work became the major topic of the “Star night” tournament with a prize fund of 101 000 RUB (1 300 EUR, 1 500 USD, 5 900 PLN) that is held on RedBox. Clients of this casino have time to fight for awesome presents and mountains of no-deposit bonuses until November 29.

The month, dedicated to world famous pieces of art, has almost ended in the RedBox casino. It means that soon, there will be an additional raffle of 50 presents held among the most active players!

Owing to the competition and an upcoming additional raffle, you can significantly increase the conversion on the brand. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Ask the affiliate-managers of the partnership programme for free promotional materials.
  • Place them on your website and in social networks.
  • Make your players interested in the tournament.
  • Increase the amount of deposits and duration of players’ staying in the casino.
  • Get more income.

As you can see, everything is super-easy! All that is left for you to do is to complete the steps of this plan and turn to JimPartners’ affiliate manager in the first place.

Best regards,
JimPartners team