General Questions
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Affiliate Program JimPartners.com and its work

Affiliate Program is orientated on advertisers and web-platform owners. Cooperation with JimPartners.com is based on making profit as the result of attracting new clients for online-casinos. For different methods of promotion, the program provides promo-materials such as links, banners, text content for the sites, blogs etc. Start earning money with JimPartners right now.

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How much it is possible to earn with gambling affiliate program JimPartners.com?

There is no limitation at all! Every participant of the program puts the selling himself. Your personal income on JimPartners.com lays fully on you and depends on your will, experience, ability to promote and of course time you spend on marketing.

Job of webmaster as any other profession, requires attention, time and efforts. Nevertheless, even if you are still new in such issues, don`t be afraid of difficulties. Specialized AP office is always here to help you. Qualified support stuff helps webmasters to learn new marketing tools, optimize and improve advertising and increase your personal income.

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Can I trust you?

JimPartners.com is a young Affiliate Program. We are willing to build trustful relationship with all webmasters and believe that only this way of cooperation can provide both webmasters and projects with the highest amount of income

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How to become a partner?

In order to participate in JimPartners you have to create an account on the company's website. Please fill in the form and provide your contacts. Don`t forget to read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program and create an account only after accepting them

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Is participation in the program free of charge?

Partners don`t pay for participation in the program and no membership fee is required. You can work with JimPartners absolutely for free.

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How does a successful webmaster operate?

First of all, it is important to realize that the work you have chosen, requires a lot of dedication and it will be successful only in this case. Factors, which shape the result are:
• readiness to work;
• motivation;
• ability to learn quickly;
• quick reaction to new innovations and developments;
• creative thinking.

If you add to this list quick help and support of experience partners, unconditional success is guaranteed.

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How long will it take to get profit from an involved player?

There are no time limits in the program. As long as the client plays and deposits, you are making a profit of it.

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What kind of promo-materials do you provide?

The key to successful customer capture is qualified and attractive advertising. Taking this into account, we offer you large variety of effective promo-tools: different banners, mini-games, interesting and useful text content (articles, reviews etc.). All marketing products you can easily post on your web platforms.

We guarantee excellent quality of provided promo-resources and their modern design. AP always updates marketing resources as the sphere requires. Don`t miss our updates. We post fresh und modernized promo-materials every day. You can also get familiar with upcoming offers for gamers, which were attracted by the partners. in the section “News”.

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Have you got support service?

Support is what we are proud of. Experienced and qualified specialists will be available 18/7. You can ask questions via email or Skype (all contacts you can find in the section “Contacts”). Support-managers are always happy to help.

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How to get unique promo-materials?

By cooperating with JimPartners, you can count on personal service. Our team is always ready to provide you with best promotion strategy. Just get in touch with our managers. We develop unique promo-materials according to desires and requirements of successful webmasters. You can also receive decent consultation on the advertising materials provided.

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What should I do if I lost/forgot the password from my profile?

You can click the button “Forgot the Password” when you log in. Fill in your email, which you have provided during registration. You will receive a letter with the following instructions on your email.

If for some reason you didn`t get the letter or couldn`t restore your password, please, contact our customer support.

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Financial questions
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How to withdraw money from the affiliate program?

In order to receive funds, you may use any payment method. For our clients` comfort, we work with different systems. Just choose the payment system you feel the most comfortable with:
• e-wallets (Qiwi, WebMoney(USD), Visa, MasterCard, BTC, ecoPayz, Skrill)
• bank accounts

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Which Affiliate Programs do you offer?

With RevShare you receive profit-sharing in online-casino. For the cover period participants receive up to 50% of the gambling-project profit, earned with the help of active gamblers (with play for money). By attracting more gamers, percentage of your profit raises.

Webmaster’s income is calculated according to the formula (Deposit - Game service fee - Withdrawal) x %RS, where:

  • Deposit is the funds added to the account;
  • Game service fee is a fee for games, platform, and payment methods;
  • Withdrawal is the amount of players’ wins.

Fee for games, platform, and payment methods (Game service fee) may be up to 40% and is considered among the project’s expenses.

Partners with the traffic, which meet the quality and geolocation requirements, may send an application for CPA connection. If the company wants to move on another platform, the company may ask 30 RevShare clients to test it. Hybrid commission system (RevShare+CPA) is available to our liable partners and can be provided individually. For any inquiries about this issue please contact our managers.

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When are withdraws made?

Commission fees are accrued every month in the first dates (in 5 working days after the end of inquiry period). And in the middle of the month - from 16th to 20th accrue commissions for the first inquiry period. Limitation for withdraws on electronic wallets and bank accounts are $150.

If payment days are happend to be holidays, withdraws to the clients are made in the next working days. Participants of the program which have a lot of players, may ask for quicker withdraws.For this inquiries you should contact the support service or your personal manager.

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How to change payment information?

In order to change the financial information on your account, please write to our managers. Email with new payment information must be send not later, then 3 days before the next withdraw. In some cases new authentication of the partner may be required. In order to change the payment information quicker, please prepare yourself in advance.

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Why didn`t I receive a withdraw?

The reason may be because of the fact, that you haven't reached a required minimal commission sum of $150. Please check the amount of funds on your account. If the sum is more than the required minimum limit, please contact the manager.

We draw your attention to the fact, that you need to know your traffic sources for withdraws to be made. You can provide links on your platforms, screenshots of promos etc.

In case of closure of any of your resources (or release of a new one), don`t forget to notificate our managers. It is also important to check if the advertisements on your platforms are relevant. In order to keep the conversion on the affiliate program on high level, we refresh and extend our marketing archive. Remember: advertising of current promos on the projects we work with is not just fulfillment of affiliate programs` agreement but a real way of increasing the personal income.

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What does referral commission mean?

You can earn money not only by customer capture. By attracting new clients to JimPartners program you get up to 10% referral commissions of their income. Tell your friends and acquaintances about cooperation with us. You can invite them to the project by sending referral link, which you can find in your Profile.

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What does referral commission mdfgn?

You can earn money not only by customer capture. By attracting new clients to JimPartners program you get up to 10% referral commissions of their income. Tell your friends and acquaintances about cooperation with us. You can invite them to the project by sending referral link, which you can find in your Profile.

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Technical Issues
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How to use advertising products?

We all know that qualified and relevant promo-materials is a key to comfortable and profitable cooperation for each and every partner. For this reason, our experienced specialists always improve marketing tools of the project. In order to promote projects, you can involve text content, affiliate links and banners (with animation and interactive). Every promo-product is supposed to draw attention of your audience. You can also order unique advertising materials form the developer. Our team will create unique promo-tools, which will match your requirements and the specific of your traffic. Just contact our managers.

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Why do you need a “Tracker”?

A successful webmaster controls the results of his marketing activity very closely. For this very purpose a special analytical tool - the tracker is used. With the help of it you can track marketing on all your platforms effectivity. For example, when you own a few platforms with the same advertising banners. You create one banner with the N-amount of trackers (one for each web-service). Generated tracking codes must be placed on the site for the purpose of tracking the advertising statistic. After you create such tracker, choose it in a new window when you create an advertising link.

You can add a tracker in the section “Trackers”. Afterwards it will be available in “My trackers”. You can generate code for the particular promo-object in the section “Promo-materials”.

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How to work with JimPartners analytics?

We provide high-quality analytical system so that our partners could keep records of their activities. It is no surprise that a precise statistical analysis is one of the main factors for successful work of webmasters. JimPartners.com is a unique affiliate program, participants of which may keep a track on statistics:
• by days;
• by promo-tools;
• by trackes;
• by utm codes.

With the help of the statistics, a partner can analyze activities of the involved players from the perspective of advertisement and their gaming activity. Such statistic information covers any period.

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What Postback is?

Mechanism of transferring the conversion information from one affiliate program to another is called postback. Specialists sometimes use different terms for such mechanism: pingback, server to server (s2s) pixel, s2s postback, cookie-less tracking, server tracking postback etc. Postback is activated on the last step of creating advertising product (it is also possible to activate it in the section “Postback” in the settings of your Profile).

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