Special offer: $ 5000 for CPA or every 5th deposit as a gift

Dear Affiliates! We are launching the ACTION, with which it will become even more interesting to cooperate with us on CPA! Each new partner will be able to receive up to $ 5000 as a gift for CPA cooperation. We will pay every 5th deposit in double size. The minimum number of first depositors to participate is 100 FD. Bring 100 FD to our projects within a month - get paid for 120 FD!

Terms and conditions of the promotion for JimPartners beginners:

To participate in the action, you must send traffic to the agreed project within 7 days after the test.

Rather, write to managers to participate in the action, start pouring traffic and get a generous prize!

Difficult in simple words:

To participate in the special deal, the partner needs to send test traffic to one of the projects that the partner agrees with the manager. The test number of the first depositors can vary from 20 to 30 players. The affiliate program may suspend the test for 10 days to evaluate traffic and make decisions on future cooperation.

If traffic is approved by the affiliate program, the partner must enable traffic to the project within 7 days after the approval of the test traffic. For 30 days, the partner must bring at least 100 approved FDs for the project, check the maximum limits with the managers.

By the number of confirmed leads (first depositors), the partners will be notified by managers after each completed week of pouring. Thus, the partner will have updated information on the number of players accepted.

At the end of the month, managers will pick up the results for the traffic of each partner and calculate the bonus for each affiliate.

Кhow will the bonus be calculated:

we will pay every fifth deposit at a double rate. This means that when you bring 100 confirmed players to the project, you will receive a CPA payment and double the cost of every fifth deposit will be added to this amount.

profit = (100 FD + 20 FD bonus) x cost CPA

or for example profit = (500 FD + 100 FD bonus) x cost CPA

The maximum bonus amount can be up to $ 5000.

Best regards,
JimPartners team