Participation in lotteries and tournaments for Slottica casino players

Dear Affiliates! Slottica casino presents such activities that are suitable not only for casino lovers, but also for those who follow sports events. Making sports bets, players can participate in the “Home Stadium” lottery with a prize fund of 1350 EUR.

Slottica casino activities

Advertise Slottica Casino to players with different tastes, because this way you can reach several audiences at once and increase the conversion of the game club. For example, to participate in the lottery “Italian Exotica” and “Croatian Holidays” players can replenish the deposit for playing slots and sports betting. Each of the participants will have equal chances to win, the main thing is to fulfill all the conditions stated on the site.

Each week, new draws and contests begin at Slottica casino, so your audience will always have a choice in which activity to take part in. The special symbols Sport, Casino and All are a hint for interest players.

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Tournament with a prize fund of 1100 EUR for players of RedBox Casino

Dear Affiliates! In the RedBox casino begins the Royal Tournament with a prize fund of 1100 EUR and a lot of cool gifts. Hurry up to tell the players about it so that they do not miss the match!

RedBox Casino Activities

Casino RedBox is great for players who prefer not only slot machines, but also table gambling, as well as live casinos. A large selection of licensed manufacturers will satisfy the requirements of players with different tastes. To diversify and maintain the motivation of players in the club, various activities are often carried out.

Right now your audience can participate in the Royal Tournament. Active participants receive not only real gifts, but also additional points, which will be used in a large drawing according to the results of the leaderboard.

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New currencies on JimPartners brands

Dear Affiliates! New currencies have been added to the casino RedBox and Slottica, through which we want to reach a large audience of players. The following currencies are currently available on our brands: US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Russian ruble (RUB), Turkish lira (TRY), Polish zloty (PLN), South African rand (ZAR), Argentine peso (ARS), Mexican Peso (MXN), Peruvian Salt (PEN) and Chilean Peso (CLP). We hope that innovation will help you to attract more players and, accordingly, get more revenue.

Tournament “Vacations in Amsterdam” in the Slottica casino

The new Slottica casino competition offers players to compete for gifts for 1400 EUR. The “Vacations in Amsterdam” tournament is suitable for those players who visit the online casino for playing table gambling: roulette, blackjack, and poker, including games with real croupiers. In this contest, only the most active and successful players will receive real gifts.

Be sure to share with your audience that they will be able to participate in the “Vacations in Amsterdam” tournament. Also expand the geo-positions of attracted players, and if you have any questions, please contact affiliate managers.

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Your profit on JimPartners was transffered!

Dear Affiliates! Payments were made for the first half of May. The money has already been received on the details specified in your personal profiles. Meanwhile, the RedBox brand is hosting a Winners Tournament with attractive prizes.

RedBox Casino Winners Tournament

RedBox Casino constantly pleases its visitors with novelties among activities. The Winners Tournament plays gifts for 100 000 EUR. This match is suitable for those players who play live-games and choose a roulette in real time. Winners Tournament will receive not only gifts for a substantial amount, but also points for participation in an additional draw. In the Calendar section, players will be able to see which activities will take place in the near future, as well as a leaderboard for the points received.

For advertising casino managers JimPartners provide free promotional materials. You can also contact affiliate managers if you have any questions.

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Hot adventure for JimPartners’ Brand Players

Dear Affiliates! Recently, a profitable lottery with a huge prize pool — “Hot adventure” has started in Slottica casino. In this lottery, gifts for 100 000 EUR are played, which will definitely interest your players.

Slottica casino offers

Recently Slottica casino has a high conversion, which provides affiliates with a significant income. To maintain consistently high earnings, you need to periodically remind players of what offers are present in the club. In this case, we suggest you tell the audience about the “Hot adventure” lottery or choose another activity that is attractive to you.

Every day, the casino team is working to offer players more entertainment for every taste. That is why we are confident that the advertising revenue of this brand will only grow.

Affiliate managers will be happy to provide you with free promotional materials for Slottica casino advertising, as well as answer any questions that may arise.

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The unforgettable Singapore for RedBox players!

Dear Affiliates! We decided to remind you that in RedBox casino lotteries and tournaments are held on an ongoing basis. Be sure that will definitely interest your players! Tell them about one of the activities to your audience, and thereby increase the conversion of the project.

Lottery “The unforgettable Singapore” at RedBox Casino

To make it more attractive for your players to spend time at the RedBox Casino, activities replace each other every 3-5 days. Thus, every week your players have the opportunity to receive a gift for their game at the club. For example, right now on the site “The unforgettable Singapore” is being drawn with a prize fund of 1500 USD. Players will receive not only real prizes, but also points for participation in the final Leaderboard draw.

For advertising “The unforgettable Singapore” lottery, managers have prepared new promotional materials that you can get on request for free. Contact affiliate managers if you have questions, as well as for promotional materials.

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Sports betting and vacation in Normandy for players of JimPartners brands!

Dear Affiliates! Slottica Casino is developing more and more every day. For example, right now, players from Turkey can not only spin the reels of slots, but also make bets on sports! Very soon, sports betting will be available for other countries. Now for players from other countries, we are constantly preparing new promotions, bonuses, lotteries and tournaments.

Norman Lottery at Slottica Casino

The Slottica Casino hosts the Norman Lottery with a prize pool of 115 000 EUR, available to all registered users. There were no such huge prize funds in the club! The popularity of Slottica`s Casino is growing, and more and more players prefer this casino as a permanent platform for gambling.

That is why we suggest that you as often as possible tell your audience about the bonuses and activities of Slottica casino. In order to make it easier for you to increase the conversion for this brand, we will be happy to provide you with free promotional materials: banners, reviews, landing pages and others.

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Your profit on JimPartners was transffered!

Dear Affiliates! The payments of the first half of April were successfully made. Check your wallets, funds was credited. In addition, we invite you to tell your players about the lotteries and tournaments that are held in the Slottica casino. Maintaining the interest of players with new activities, you will definitely increase the conversion and get more income in the next payment of partnership fee.

Lottery “East Coast” and other activities in the casino Slottica

Slottica casino is in great demand among players. Always There are several tournaments and lotteries on the site, as well as a Leaderboard with an additional prize draw. Now Slottica casino holds a lottery “East Coast” with a prize fund of 4 000 USD, a “Closed Party” tournament with a prize fund of 1 500 USD and other events.

Prizes offered to players in the activities, will certainly interest your audience. JimPartners affiliate program managers will be happy to provide you with free promotional materials for advertising the brand.

Contact affiliate managers if you have questions or to receive promotional materials.

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A new “Chips for the win” tournament has started in Slottica Casino!

Dear Affiliates! We would like to remind you that Slottica club regularly helds fascinating raffles and competitions that will help you engage more players and increase conversion. Recently, a new “Chips for the win” championship has launched in the club that will give you an opportunity to widen your audience.

“Chips for the win” tournament from Slottica Casino

A new competition from Slottica brand should be interesting for your players because its participants will be able to claim the part of unbelievable 1500 USD/1400 EUR/100 000 RUB/8500 TL/5900 PLN prize fund. The winners will be rewarded with massive no-deposit bonuses. Participation in the competition is free for all registered visitors of the club. The players with the largest sum of bets, made in the period from April 8 to April 14 while the championship is held, will become prizewinners. Share this news with your audience to not miss the chance to increase conversion and your income!

You can get additional information about the tournament as well as advertising materials for promotion of Slottica brand from affiliate-managers.

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Your earnings on JimPartners were delivered!

Dear Affiliates! The payouts for the period from March 16 to March 31 were transferred successfully, so check your accounts and wallets to make sure that your income is already there. Besides, a new “Night Seoul” tournament that should be interesting for your players has started in RedBox Casino. It will help you to increase the conversion on account of engaging new players.

“Cocktail Party” tournament in Slottica Casino

The RedBox brand constantly helds fascinating activities that allow its participants to spend more time playing their favorite video slots. The prize fund of the “Night Seoul” competition equals 1 200 USD (1 100 EUR, 4 700 PLN, 80 000 RUB) and includes material presents as well as many no-deposit bonuses for free play in the club. Tell your audience about this activity to increase your earnings!

Affiliate-managers will provide you with additional information about the tournament along with all the necessary promotional materials for advertising the RedBox brand.

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