New tournaments in Slottica Casino with huge prize funds!

Dear affiliate! We remind you that Slottica brand constantly launches new activities that help to engage your players. At the moment, there are two competitions held in the casino — “Lucky Number” and “Successful Spin” with 1 000 EUR/1 200 USD/4 500 PLN/ 75 000 RUB/6 000 TRY prize funds. Inform your audience about these tournaments to increase your earnings as a result of growing traffic from your resources. The more effort you put into advertisement of the brand, the faster the conversion goes up! We would like to remind you that Slottica accepts players from Turkey, Poland, and other European countries.

“Lucky Number” and “Successful Spin” championships in Slottica Casino

New tournaments in the casino will be interesting for your players, since the winners get considerable no-deposit bonuses up to 200 EUR/240 USD/870 PLN/15 000 RUB/1 200 TRY. Those participants, who make more bets than others until March 3, will receive the prizes.

Affiliate-managers will provide you with additional information about the special offers, competitions, and raffles on Slottica brand, as well as all the necessary promotional materials.

Best regards,
JimPartners team


Your earnings on JimPartners were paid out!

Dear Affiliates! We hurry to inform you that your earnings for the period from February 1 to February 15 have been transferred to the accounts, indicated in your profiles! Check your e-wallets to see if the funds are already there. Meanwhile, a new lottery “Fairytale Lisbon” with a 1 300 EUR/1 500 USD/101 000 RUB/5900 PLN prize fund has started in RedBox. It is a great occasion to attract new audience and increase your conversion.

The “Fairytale Lisbon” raffle in RedBox Casino

New lottery on the RedBox brand will be interesting for your players because they can win such prizes as Nokia smartphone, Sony headphones, Rekam action-camera, Rombica VR-headset, and many no-deposit bonuses. Participants with the highest number of points will get an opportunity to struggle for additional rewards in the final raffle on February 25. Share the news about this lottery with your audience, and watch how your income is rising!

You can get all the necessary promotional materials and more information about the raffle from affiliate-managers.

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JimPartners team


Engage fans of live games in Slottica Casino and get more income!

Dear Affiliates! We would like to remind you that Slottica brand has an impressive collection of table games with live dealers that should be interesting for your players, who prefer poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. You can increase the conversion significantly and, therefore, your earnings by expanding your audience. Tell your players about the possibilities that live games of Slottica Casino will open for them!

Games with real croupiers in Slottica Casino

Slottica club’s Live Casino contains more than 75 types of table amusements, where players interact with live dealers in real time. The most popular versions of poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack from such famous providers as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Lucky Streak, and NetEnt are presented here along with the special VIP-tables for those, who prefer to gamble in a big way. Hurry up to share the information about the wide assortment of Slottica Casino’s live games with your players!

Additional info about Slottica’s Live Casino as well as the necessary promotional materials for brand’s advertising will be provided to you by affiliate-managers.

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JimPartners team


Your earnings from JimPartners are already transferred!

Dear Affiliates! We have two great news for you! First, we must say that your income for the period from January 16 to January 31 was transferred to the accounts, specified in your profiles. Check your wallets to make sure that the transaction was successful. Also, we would like to introduce a new tournament in RedBox Casino to you — “Bavarian fairy tale”. It will help you to increase conversion due to attraction of the new audience. This competition prize fund is 800 USD/750 EUR/3 000 PLN/52 000 RUB, so it should be interesting to your players.

The “Bavarian fairy tale” tournament in RedBox Casino

For just a few days, the participants of the tournament will be able to contest with each other for such rewards as ASUS ZenFone smartphone, AC-Robin ZED5 action camera, New Nintendo game console, and generous no-deposit bonuses. Hurry up to inform your audience about the new activity on the RedBox brand!

We would also like to remind you that the world famous Ice Totally Gaming conference has already began today in London, where you can meet the representatives of JimPartners partnership program. The event will be held from February 5 to February 7.

You can address our affiliate-managers for more information about the new tournament and details of meeting during the conference. We will provide you with all the required promotional materials to help you advertise our brands.

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JimPartners team


New lottery on RedBox! Prize fund is 1500 USD!

Dear Affiliates! We want to share some great news with you: a new raffle “Heart of the Ocean” has started in RedBox Casino that can increase your income due to interest of a player to this competition. Its prize fund is 101 000 RUB (1 250 EUR, 1 500 USD, 5900 PLN), so your audience should be interested in this activity and probably would like to participate in it.

“Heart of the Ocean” lottery in RedBox Casino

New raffle on RedBox will let players to obtain such tempting rewards as a Honor 9 Lite smartphone, Incase Compass backpack, Black Bottle whiskey, wireless speaker ZDK, and a mountain of no-deposit bonuses. Hurry to tell your players about the lottery because it is held for a limited time only!

We would like to remind you that representatives of our partnership program will wait to meet you at the Ice Totally Gaming conference that is to be held from February 5 to February 7 in London.

You can ask affiliate-managers for detailed information about the new activity and time and place of the meeting at the conference. In addition, we will gladly present you all the necessary free promotional materials for advertising our brands.

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JimPartners team


We invite you to meet JimPartners at Ice Totally Gaming in London!

Dear Affiliates! From February 5 to February 7, there will be held one of the biggest events for experts in traffic market — Ice Totally Gaming (Ice London) in London. The best speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the visitors, while the latter will have an opportunity to socialize with each other. JimPartners’ representatives will be there as well.

JimPartners invites its partners to attend Ice London

We invite you to attend Ice Totally Gaming in London to meet our team members. Personal meeting and live communication will be a great chance to get to know each other and consolidate partnership. You will be able to discuss plans on further development of our collaboration during the conference and at the evening parties in informal atmosphere as well.

For more information about the time and place of the meeting at Ice London 2019 contact your affiliate-manager.

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JimPartners team


We delivered payments for the first half of January

Dear Affiliates! Your income for the period from January 1 to January 15 has been successfully transferred to your accounts. Check your wallets to make sure that the money is already there. We would like to remind you that we launched a new brand — Slottica Casino that will help you to get more traffic from European countries and Turkey and increase your earnings.

“Super Week” lottery in Slottica Casino

A new brand will regularly start tournaments and raffles that should be interesting for players with different interests and preferences. Winners of these activities will get cool rewards. Now, a “Super Week” lottery with a prize fund of 8 000 EUR (9 000 USD, 620 000 RUB, 33 000 PLN, 50 000 TRY) is held in Slottica Casino. Every visitor can become a participant, and the best players will get such presents as iPhone XS, iPod Touch, Xiaomi smart watch, and no-deposit bonuses. Tell your clients about this raffle to attract them to the new casino and increase your profit due to boost in conversion.

All the required promotional materials on Slottica brand already wait for you with affiliate-managers of our partnership program. They will also gladly connect no-deposit bonuses to your unique tracking links and answer all your questions regarding Slottica.

Best regards,
JimPartners team


Slottica Casino — a new brand on JimPartners

Dear Affifiates! We strive constantly to improve the conditions of our cooperation, so that you could successfully develop your projects and get more income. That’s why we launched a new brand — Slottica Casino that differs slightly from RedBox and Diamond Casino.

Special features of Slottica Casino

Slottica Casino is adapted to gamblers from Turkey and Europe. At the moment, its website is translated to Turkish, English, and Polish. Among other unique characteristics of this brand, we should also mark out its multicurrency. Players can make deposits in dollars, euros, polish zlotys, and turkish liras. Local Turkish and Polish banks also work.

This club has a license, and all its games are also licensed, so you can be 100% sure about the quality of entertainments, players’ safety, and stability of the website’s performance. Not only popular video slots, but also various table games with live dealers and interesting activities wait for visitors.

We’re already preparing the necessary promotional materials for you, including banners, reviews, landings, and branding that should help you attract attention of your players to Slottica Casino and increase your conversion and profit faster. A manager can also connect no-deposit bonuses to your individual tracking links. For more information about the new brand, regulations of working with it, and promotional materials contact the affiliate-managers of our partnership program.

Best regards,
JimPartners team


WInter holidays continue on RedBox

Dear affiliates! JimPartners team strives to make our collaboration pleasurable and profitable. For this reason, we constantly launch new activities on our brands that attract more players and help you to increase conversion and income. Now, RedBox Casino helds an amusing tournament “Royal Christmas” with a 80 000 RUB (1 200 EUR, 1 300 USD, 5 000 PLN) prize fund that should be interesting for your players.

“Royal Christmas” tournament on RedBox

A new competition in RedBox Casino will give your clients an opportunity to win unbelievable prizes that include Apple Watch, Auchentoshan 21 Years Old whiskey, Zippo lighter, and generous no-deposit bonuses. The raffle ends on January 13, so hurry up to tell your audience about this activity. Gamblers, who will take the prize places in this tournament, will get points for participation in the final raffle that allow to claim for additional presents. The final raffle will be held on January 14.

You can get all the necessary promotional materials and information on the updates on JimPartners’ brands from affiliate-managers of a partnership program.

Best regards,
JimPartners team


We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Dear Affiliates! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Celebrate these holidays in a festive atmosphere, surrounded by your friends and close ones. We are sincerely happy working with you, so we put all our efforts to become better and give you more opportunities to increase your earnings. We hope that in 2019, your traffic channels will grow, resulting in much more income for you.

In 2019, JimPartners plans to develop and improve even more!

We, the JimPartners team, promise to create the most comfortable and mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation, helping you to develop your projects and attract more clients. Working with you is the best present for us, so we try to make our partnership not only profitable, but also joyful for both of us. Thank you for staying with us and believing that we can achieve more together!

Your payments for the second half of December will be delivered in accordance with the standard schedule — until January 5.

If you have any questions or need any promotional materials, feel free to address our affiliate-managers.

Best regards,
JimPartners team