End user license agreement

From the moment of registration in Jim Partners programm (hereinafter Affiliate Program) terms and conditions of this agreement are considered to be accepted. After registration you (hereinafter the Partner) assure that you will be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. The object of affiliate agreement

  • Object of the agreement is promotion of the site by the Partner.
  • Agreement regulates calculation of affiliate commissions, which are to be paid to partners.
  • The Partner is allowed to use more than one web-resource.

2. Procedure for concluding an agreement

  • After familiarization with provisions of the agreement the Partner signs up for Affiliate Program.
  • Administration processes the application and announces its decision to the applicant.
  • An applicant receives a written answer via email, specified during registration.
  • Administration reserves the right to deny an application without any explanations.
  • The Partner (his IP or organisation) receives only one profile in the program.
  • Attempts to create more than one profile is considered to be fraud and leads to closure of an Affiliate Program agreement.

3. Terms and conditions

  • Only the people who have reached the age of adulthood are allowed to participate in the Program.
  • Compulsory condition for the Partner is to have permission for advertising digital resources.
  • Only the Partner or authorized people have the right to sign an agreement with the company.
  • In order to participate in the Affiliate Program you have to accept End User License Agreement

4. Company's obligations

  • Provision of the Partner with promo-information and marketing materials.
  • Keeping a record of turnover, income and contribution to the partners.
  • Provision above-mentioned information to the partner.
  • Withdraw of income to the Partner, sum of which is defined by the amount of solicited customers and sums of their income as well as their activity in the project.

5. Partners obligations

  • Advertising and marketing promotion of the project.
  • Referring visitors of the site to Jim Partners.
  • Sustaining a positive image of affiliate program sites.
  • Taking responsibility for advertising using promo-materials.
  • Compliance with the legality of the brand`s promotion.
  • Provision of advertising with the help of the link received from the site.
  • Use of third-party materials only with the permission of the company.
  • Provision only true and accurate information (personal information, contacts, payment history) to the company.
  • Compensation of losses and damages to the company caused as the result of breaking affiliate terms and conditions.

6. Partners are not allowed to

  • Develop their web-resources illegally. Post any pornografic or abusive content on the recource.
  • Attract clients, who have not reached the age of majority.
  • Send any spam letters and post fake meta-tags.
  • Increase income from Jim Partners by fraud (games with your own link, illegal use of any promo-materials provided by Jim Partners).
  • Attract members of the family or friends as clients. Attract users on temporary terms with the purpose of increasing indicators, which may influence on the amount profit.
  • Use of promo-materials without prior agreement.
  • Conduct any promo-materials and refunds.
  • Negatively influence the company reputation.
  • Create your own accounts in online-casinos with are advertised by Jim Partners.
  • Any detections of violations are considered to be a ground to block the accounts of the Partner and clients, attracted by him. The following term apply to the family and friends of the partner.

7. Payments

  • Amount of commission rate is depends on the amount of attracted players, as well as the lever of their activity.
  • Clients which have clicked the link and became active players are considered to be new.
  • Calculation of payment is based on the total income (net profit without Game service Fee, Casino Promo, cashbacks and withdraws).
  • Payments are made twice a month until 10th or 20th of the following month. If 10th or 20th are not-working days, the payment is rescheduled. Payments for the previous month (from 16th to 31st) are made until the 10th of the following month. Payments for the following month (from 1th to 15st) are made until the 20th of the following month.
  • Payments are made in case the balance hits the minimal limit of $50. If there is less amount on the balance, it is transferred to the balance of the next month.
  • The Partner can choose the paying system and currency of withdraws.
  • The Partner has the right to demand re-calculation of his commission in case if he suspects inaccuracy.
  • For any questions related to payments, please contact the support of Jim Partners via email [email protected] All requests should be made not later than the last date of the month you have received the withdraws.
  • Administration has the right to withhold payments up to 60 days to check the accuracy of calculations.
  • Commission received as the result of fraudulent activity are repayable.
  • A participant of affiliate program must attract not less than 30 players in 3 months to receive withdraws.
  • Negative balance can not be transferred to the balance of the next month and annulated as well.

8. Cancellation of the affiliate agreement

  • Notification of cancellation affiliate agreement is carried out via email.
  • In case of cancellation of the agreement with Jim Partners, all datas must be deleted.
  • Cancellation of an agreement leads to annulation of all Affiliate Programs.
  • In case if the administration decides to cancel the affiliation (including the cases of unfulfillment of terms and conditions), Affiliate Program has the right to hold commission.
  • JimPartners оставляет за собой право на отказ от сотрудничества без обоснования решения.
  • Jim Partners reserves the right for noncooperation without explanations of the reason.
  • Failure to comply with the rules mentioned in the paragraph 6 leads to cancellation of the agreement.
  • In case of detection violations Affiliate Program reserves the right to demand commissions from the following or previous month.

9. Assurances

  • The company can not guarantee seamless access to the resource because the partner uses his own hotspots.
  • The company is not responsible for the damage caused by detections of resource functionality.
  • Administration can not guarantee any errors in the functionality of the projects and does not cover any losses or damages caused by such errors.

10. Protection of the interests

  • The partner assures to protect interests of the company in all questionable matters he was involved into.

11. Emergency conditions

  • Affiliate Program is discharged of its duties in case of emergency (cataclysms, malfunctions in the work of communal and electrical systems, accidents, natural disasters, social unrest and other circumstances) which lead to faulty operation of the company.

12. Severability

  • All regulations of the agreement are treated by law as effective and current. Recognition of one or more clauses of the agreement as misconducted, illegal, illegitimate does not invalidate other provisions.

13. Data protection

  • Data which the company provides (including financial reports of the clients) are confidential. These reports are not allowed to be used or spread for personal or commercial advantage.