МАС 2019 conference in Kiev tomorrow! We are waiting for you at our booth!
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Dear Affiliates! Payments for the second half of September were fully made! Earned rewards have already transferred on cards and electronic wallets, rather check your accounts!

Finally,long awaited time will come tomorrow! And we will meet at the international conference of arbitration and traffic - Kiev Affiliate Conference (MAC 2019). JimPartners not only participates in the conference, but also acts as a partner and sponsor in its holding. Therefore, we will be glad to see you at our stand D4, where raffles of pleasant prizes will be held. We have also prepared for you a super prize that one of the participants will be able to receive.

We really want to meet and communicate with you live, as well as discuss further cooperation! Be sure to write to managers to clarify the details of the meeting, and also come to our booth.

Prize Draws at JimPartners Casino

At this time, our projects continue to organize interesting events that promise winners a lot of expensive gifts. For users of Slottica casino, the Paris Beau monde lottery is held with a prize pool of 3500 EUR.

Not only thematic activities serve as a good incentive for registration in our casinos, but also other special offers. Each new member can count on a no deposit bonus and a diverse reward system, as well as gain access to games with live dealers.

Remember to remind users of the benefits of playing on JimPartners projects. If you need any promotional materials (banners, reviews, etc.), as well as to clarify details about the meeting at the conference, please contact affiliate managers.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

МАС Conference is already next week! Looking forward to meeting you!
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Dear Affiliates! There is very little time left before our meeting with you at the international conference Kiev Affiliate Conference, which will be held in Kiev on October 8. We would like to remind you that at our booth D4, that will be located in the Diamond section, you can not only talk live with managers, but also win one of the coolest prizes.

We have just a few tickets left that we are ready to give to our beloved partners. If you want to attend a leader conference for free, then rather write to your personal manager! Also write to us for details on the place and time of the meeting.

Large-scale lottery from Slottica casino

Tell your audience about the prize draw Grand Holidays from Slottica Casino. Activity conditions are simple and attractive. The prize fund is 100 000 EUR, and among the gifts - no-deposit, Apple gadgets, as well as gaming laptops. Winners are determined randomly, and anyone can take part. You only need to register at an online casino.

You can get more details about the upcoming conference from a personal manager and also order free casino descriptions, banners and other promotional materials for the most complete and informative presentation of our projects.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

MAC Kiev 2019 Conference - don’t miss a meeting with us!
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Dear Affiliates! The time has come for the announcement of one of the most striking arbitration events this fall. Very soon, a large-scale event will take place in Kiev - Kiev Affiliate Conference (MAC 2019). JimPartners is the sponsor and partner of the conference. The event will feature a booth of our affiliate program. We invite all webmasters to attend the conference, come to our booth, participate in the drawing of the most interesting prizes, and also chat live with affiliate program managers.

We are meeting on October 8 at MAC Kiev 2019

We not only exhibit a stand, but also suggest that you visit the conference and plunge into the world of the latest news from the world of arbitration and traffic. We have several tickets that we are ready to give to our partners. Want to attend the conference? Then rather write to your personal manager about the tickets, as well as to specify the place and time of the meeting!

The stand of the JimPartners affiliate program is D4, it will be very simple to find us, because we will be in the center of events. The conference is being held in Kiev on October 8 at the Stereo Plaza. We will be happy to meet and chat with each of our partners, and we really hope that you can attend this significant event.

It will be possible to communicate with managers not only at the conference itself, but also in an informal setting at the afterparty.

If you have questions, to get tickets for the MAC 2019 conference, as well as to discuss the time of the meeting, contact the personal manager of the affiliate program.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Your profit of JimPartners was transferred!
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Dear Affiliates! Payments for the first half of September were fully paid! The earned funds have already arrived on cards and electronic wallets, rather check your accounts! Autumn will bring many more pleasant surprises, as JimPartners brands launch many thematic activities. Do not waste time and present to your audience the most interesting events!

More prizes and gifts from Slottica and Loki

On September 16, the next large-scale Cuban extravaganza lottery started in the Slottiсa casino, with a prize fund of 100 000 EUR. In addition to trips to Cuba, many more gifts wait the winners, which are divided into three levels. Activity will last until October 6, so users still have time to join the participants.

Also, the Loki project continues the drawing of the Free Spins Fireworks, which will end on September 29. A prize fund of 20 000 EUR allows you to count on fairly profitable gifts in the form of free spins in well-known machines.

Do not forget to remind users that all our casinos give profitable gifts for new players of casino: welcome bonuses, free spins, individual rewards, etc. If you need free promotional materials or advice, contact affiliate managers of the affiliate program.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Your profit on JimPartners was transferred!
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Dear Affiliates! Recently to announce that payments were made for the second half of August. Rather check your electronic accounts — money has already arrived on cards and wallets!

We are glad to tell you the great news: on September 11, the KINZA 2019 conference will be held in Moscow, and representatives of the JimPartners affiliate program will also attend the event. At the conference, the best speakers will share their experience and knowledge, and the participants will have a unique opportunity to meet and chat with each other.

JimPartners invites partners to meet at KINZA 2019

We invite you to visit the KINZA 2019 conference in Moscow to chat live with representatives of the JimPartners affiliate program. With the help of a personal meeting, we can not only get to know each other better, but also strengthen partnerships. Further cooperation can be discussed directly at the conference, as well as in an informal atmosphere at evening events.

Write to affiliate managers for details on a personal meeting, as well as when questions arise.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Important news - RedBox Casino rebranding
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Dear Affiliates! We are in a hurry to report important news - we conducted a small rebranding of RedBox casino. New name for brand is SuperCat. Do not worry, there are no other changes in the club. You can use the links that you created earlier, and the same bonuses, activities and other services will be available to players.

We hope that this change will attract new players to the casino and increase brand conversion. Contact affiliate managers for new reviews, banners and project logo.

Special offers from JimPartners Casino

We remind you that affiliate program gaming clubs regularly update event lists, which will undoubtedly attract even more users. Tell us about new activities of your audience, pour traffic and increase revenue! Be sure players are will be attracted by the Mysterious East from All Right with a prize pool of EUR 35,000 and Island Adventures from Slotica casino with a prize fund of EUR 100,000.

At the Lucky Bird Casino, along with lotteries, a British luxury tournament is held with a prize pool of 1,400 EUR.

To provide the best possible information about the services of our brands, use free promotional materials. You can order them by contacting the affiliate manager, who will also provide professional advice on any issue.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Your profit on JimPartners was transferred!
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Dear Affiliates! Hurry up to check your e-wallets and cards, as payments for the first half of August are sent! In the meantime, we have prepared wonderful changes for you on the sites of our projects.

JimPartners Casino Updates

The geography of our projects is gradually expanding. Therefore, new types of currencies were added to the Slottica Casino:

  • Norwegian Krone;
  • Brazilian Real;
  • Canadian dollar;
  • Australian dollar;
  • Swiss frank;
  • Czech koruna.

Accordingly, on the site you can choose one of the languages - Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish.

Thanks to these changes, you can actively attract new traffic. Keep your users up to date with innovations, and increase earnings in the affiliate program.

Contact affiliate managers right now to get promotional materials with updated brand information.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Prize fund of 100 000 EUR and bonuses at Slottica casino
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Dear Affiliates! JimPartners projects continue to organize thematic events that will not leave indifferent any player. Right now, Slottica Casino is hosting a Fantastic Lottery with a prize pool of 100 000 EUR. Tell us about this activity and expect a new wave of increase in conversion, which will bring you even more income!

Special offers from Slottica casino

A fantastic lottery is held from August 5 to 25. All registered users are invited. There are more than 100 prizes, and the winners are determined randomly. This format of the game will bring more impressions and give your audience the opportunity to receive additional prizes.

You can also remind players of an attractive welcome gift system, including:

  • 200% on the first deposit;
  • 30 free spins in Gonzo’s Quest;
  • 100% for the third replenishment.

In addition, every day for a week at Slottica casino there are additional charges, cashbacks and free spins. Such offers are guaranteed to attract new traffic. For more successful promotion, you can use free promotional materials. To get them, contact the affiliate manager of the affiliate program.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

JimPartners have already transferred your profit!
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Dear Affiliates! Payments for the second half of July are fully made! Earnings have already received and you can find it in your electronic wallets and credit cards. Please, pay attention the gaming software has been updated for all JimPartners’ casinos and also have been added popular providers - Wazdan and Spinomenal.

New providers and games in the JimPartners’ offers

And one more update brought new licensed casino games! Now users are offered 100 slot machines from the Wazdan and 120 simulators from the Spinomenal brand. Among the new games you can see not only numerous slots, but also some board games - European Roulette VIP, Gold Roulette, Turbo Poker, Extra Bingo, etc. Among the new products there are many slot machines with a progressive jackpot.

Gaming software from the brands of Spinomenal and Wazdan is characterized by high quality graphics and a variety of plot. Presents all sorts of topics:

  • fantasy;
  • race;
  • sport;
  • underwater world;
  • adventures, etc.

Thanks to the updated assortment of games, it will be even easier to attract traffic. Tell your audience about casino updates and increase your profit.

For any questions, please contact affiliate managers. Together with consultations you will be provided with all the necessary promotional materials.

Best regards,
JimPartners team

Profitable activities and bonuses in Slottica casino for your players
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Dear Affiliates! Do not forget to tell your users about interesting events that are held by the gambling club Slottica. Since July 29 to August 4, the Bavarian Holiday tournament will take place, with a budget of 1400 EUR.

Competition Bavarian holiday and bonuses at Slottica casino

Registered players in the tournament Bavarian holiday will be able to compete with each other and determine who is the most purposeful and stubborn. For qualification, it is enough to play at the rate of 0.01 EUR. There are 100 prizes. Winners are determined by total bets. As a reward, cash accruals and points for the leaderboard are given depending on the occupied place.

In addition to exciting activities, the gaming club offers profitable welcome bonuses for new players:

  • 200% for the first deposit of 15 EUR;
  • 30 free spins for the second replenishment of 40 EUR;
  • 100% for the third deposit over 80 EUR.

We do everything in order to interest potential and keep regular players. Regularly advertise Slottica casino to your audience to increase the conversion by brand, and subsequently your income.

Contact affiliate managers for any questions. Affiliate program managers will also provide you with the promotional materials you need.

Best regards,
JimPartners team