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Working with JimPartners Team has been a pleasure so far. We look forward to a long and mutual profitable relationship.


Сasino svenska team

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Everything is good in JimPartners, which cannot but please the partners! Competent managers who know their business! They will help, prompt, do everything well! I can only advise JimPartners.


Charts casino team

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A normal affiliate program, without bad sides, what they promise is what they do. The managers will help, they will pay everything on time. Well-established work that only pleases. I am sure that we will work for more than one year. Thanks to JimPartners for productivity and a nice convert.


Non Gamstop casino UK team

Thanks to JimPartners for long-term and importantly good and honest work! Not often I am satisfied with working with affiliate programs, there are no questions here! It's a pleasure to work, I hope we will be for a very long time.


Online casino team

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It's great when the work does not bring extra nerves. Good conversion, clean work, nice managers are the key to success, JimPartners has it. I recommend JimPartners, they are one of the few on the market that help rather than exacerbate.


Kasyno Online team

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Nice to work with JimPartners Affiliate program that inspires peace of mind, there is nothing but positive reviews.


Non Gamstop casinos team

The JimPartners affiliate program has never disappointed, it worked in different networks, but this one amazed me with its responsibility. All documents are on time, constant connection, managers will always answer and help. I can also say about a good conversion!


Сasino utan licens team

JimPartners company always shows a high level of professionalism. All organizational work is done on time and quickly. It's not a shame to vouch for them, they are responsible for the quality of conversions, there have never been any complaints.


Kasyno Online team

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The JimPartners affiliate program successfully promotes casinos in which players are so interested. Our favorite casino is Slottica. The attention of players is attracted not only by the design, but also by the number of gambling and sports betting. JimPartners Casino has many promotions and other special offers.


UKCasino team

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We have had nothing but good experiences working together with JimPartners. They offer six exciting casino brands which have been working very well on our sites. Add to that a very dedicated affiliate team which is always available to help, and you have a pretty great affiliate program.